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Ethiopians woman dungeon chicago to rental

As it happens, there is one.

Chicago Dungeon Rentals

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May 18, City Life Community. Lady Sophia Chase's Chicago Dungeon Rentals started emptying out in March and have stayed that way for the last two months.

Name: Layney
Years: 33
Sexual identity: I'm hetero
What is my favourite drink: Whisky
Music: Rap
In my spare time I love: Marital arts

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Then, we toured two rooms where all the dark magic happens.

Bonded together in crisis

Social Media Links. Clamps As well as clothespins to apply some pressure.

What's in my bar. Thrillist Serves. Follow her on Instagram at apandakiss or check out her blog.

Get our expert guides to your new favorite city. Medical play supplies Just in case you get a little too aroused, your room is equipped with safety repercussions like glucose pills and blood-clotting spray, as well as first-aid equipment.

What if we told you that Chicago is also home to, not one, but two exclusive sex dungeons? Become a Local Insider in Chicago.

In the rental, we here at Thrillist have told you about some dungeon hidden stuff around Chicago -- speakeasiessupper clubsthat secret Potbelly menu that made sandwich lovers love us chicago sandwich makers not love us. Belts and buckles None of which will be holding up your pants. Saint Andrew's cross Originally created to worship Andrew -- the patron saint of freakiness?

Note: if you come to a sex dungeon to have missionary sex on a bed, this may not be the place for you. It includes all the same pleasure toys as the red room plus more, like:.

It rotates Our Newsletter. Other metallic objects Displayed on that magnet strip most regular boring people use for kitchen knives. Try these bad boys out on the Saint Andrew's cross.

The dungeon For those craving chicago semblance of familiarity. Bolted to the wall, Saint Andrew's Cross is great for stand-up bondage. Oh, and you can dangle from the rental too If the red room or chamber tickles your fantasy, then you can rent one playroom or the entire dungeon -- two playrooms, domestic space, kitchen, and bathroom.

Earmuffs Used for sensory deprivation, allowing you to focus on touch, smell, and taste.

Impact playthings The toy selection includes floggers, whips, paddles, canes, crops, rulers, spoons, and hair brushes, all of which can be used for striking the body. Handcuffs Not those weak-ass frilly ones either.